About Us

In today’s world scenario, India is emerging as a potential consumer market. In India we have consumers with growing needs, growing consumption capacities and awareness of quality and economy. Looking towards the above consents DNR Shopping feels to tie up with only Indian manufacturers. These manufacturers are well aware of the needs of Indian Consumers and at the same time are maintaining the standard of quality of their products at economy rates. DNR Shopping Private Limited, known for its recognition in the field of marketing and trading various commodities at Taluka level in India

To ensure the technology at its finest efficacy with total simplicity to its customers and associates, DNR Shopping has tied up with the IT industry, which has recognition to their name. DNR Shopping knows the idea of direct marketing method, which will alter the course of our country’s consumer in the immediate future. DNR Shopping has offered the people associated with it various options of products & services at best possible prices.

DNR stands for Daily Need Retail. To achieve the dreams and desires of our associates towards their financial freedom the company named DNR Shopping Pvt. Ltd, Pune in Maharashtra is striving hard.


An all-embracing, benevolent offer that is created such to bestow opulence and benefit for all, and a success situation for everyone.

Establishing a flight path for technology to take off into the business world and its associates. Valued not only as a national asset but a resourceful initiative of mental strength. Establish Bhartiya Vastu Bhandar in every Taluka, of each State in India, which promote Indian Products, Indian Values and Indian Standards.

Honest attempt to significantly contribute to the financial liberty and prosperity of our nation, overcoming all barriers en masse people from all walks of life to achieve this magnificent and revolutionary dream.

One of the best business Organizations where Ethics and Morals have reinvented the working pattern of The Direct Marketing Industry.

Board Of Directors

Our Board of Directors are a Team of Highly Educated Persons and with Rich Experience of 20 years in various fields of Management & Businesses. Team of Directors has a core Competency & Excellency in Network Marketing Business.